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History of Belgravia

Belgravia, a district of West London – more specifically within the City of Westminster – is notable for its expensive residential properties and the outstanding wealth distributed throughout the city. Due to all of this weal, Belgravia has earned itself a reputation for some of the most exquisite restaurants, attractions, and property in London. For example, the Grosvenor Estate is one of the wealthiest in the entire world, not just in the United Kingdom. Some notable individuals who once called Belgravia their home include Sir Sean Connery, Sir Roger Moore, and Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein.


Restaurants in Belgravia UK



Those who live in Belgravia or visit regularly will say nothing but good things about One-O-One, a high-class restaurant located within the city. The food is some of the most remarkable found anywhere in London, with scallops and foie gras on the menu for the sophisticated foodie traveling the streets. Alternatively, you can stick with simple items, such as sea bass or beef, cooked to perfection by world renowned chefs and service members. Or, if you would prefer, the eatery does offer a lunch buffet for quite the modest price. Eat all that you want, picking and choosing from favorite dishes, for under ten pounds.


amayaIf you are looking for fresh food and wonderful service, look no further than Amaya, a renowned restaurant located in Belgravia. Many patrons swear by their food and service, considering it a temple to the city that goes beyond expectations and simple descriptions. As you can see, people can get attached to a place that treats them so well. For food, Amaya serves smoked chicken, prawns, venison, and even courgette spaghetti for the traveled palette. The food is quite expensive, however, so take that into account before stopping over and settling in.

Property In Belgravia UK

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